Professional Backing Tracks Today - Pricing


Our professionally produced backing tracks are extremely competitively priced. Each of the music backing tracks in our extensive catalogue is priced at just £2.00 per song whether you choose immediate download or CD format.


You can easily browse our enormous collection of backing tracks for professional musicians, singers and bands using the search function on our website.


Once you’ve paid for your tracks you simply need to login with your email address and password and choose ‘My Downloads’ on your account page where you’ll be able to download all the high quality backing tracks that you’ve purchased.


If you’d prefer to receive your tracks in CD format you will also be subject to pay a small  postage and packaging fee.


Our custom tracks start at just £60.00 per song. They’re ideally suited for professional musicians including singers, songwriters and bands. We’ll discuss with you your exact requirements for your tailor made high quality backing track so we understand your specific needs and will agree with you on a price point that reflects them.


Choose to effortlessly order the best backing music online through our secure website or give our team a call today on +44 (0) 1484 687141.


We accept all major credit and debit cards and paypal so you can pay quickly, easily and securely!